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Celtic Cricket

“PLAY BALL” the Celtic Way:  The Celtic people enjoy their sports, and one of the most popular summer team sports in the Celtic countries is the venerable old game of cricket, which is moderately popular in Scotland, Ireland and Wales. 
Visitors to this year’s Carroll County Celtic Fest will have an opportunity to personally experience this aspect of Celtic culture by joining in the short, informal, cricket games that American
cricket player and teacher Tom Melville will be conducting throughout the day.
The games are open to everyone, absolutely no experience required!  So come and discover, up
close and personal, what “play ball” means to the Celtic people!

Trial & Error Acres

Sheep Herding

My dogs and I have been performing working sheepdog demonstrations for about twenty years, usually with our friend and demo partner, Mark Soper.    We showcase the talent and ability of the dogs and use dogs at several different levels of training.