Living History

Calvert-Arundel Swordsmen

Calvert-Arundel Swordsmen

Founded in 1988, the Calvert-Arundel Swordsmen demonstrate historical swords and swordplay development. They include impressions ranging from Medieval, Renaissance, Colonial, and War of 1812 re-enactments (and yes, pirates and privateers!). They have performed at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, Celtic festivals and parades around the region, Six Flags America, shopping malls, and other cultural events.

Njoror's Wanderers

Njörðr’s Wanderers

Njörðr’s Wanderers is an evidenced-based living history group. Our guiding principle is to present to the public the current knowledge of early Medieval trade, industry, and commerce through demonstration.


Wilde Irishe

Wilde Irishe is a living history group centered in the Mid-Atlantic USA. We portray military and civilian Gaelic Irish of the period 1550-1600, when they waged a series of rebellions to maintain their political and cultural independence against the Dublin-based crown authorities of Tudor England.